Detail of April Flowers by Holly Hope Banks


April Flowers 30x36
'April Flowers' by Holly Hope Banks 30" x 36" oil   (Sold)

Artist's Statement:

"The beauty of nature moves my spirit. I want to express this nature visually and in a traditional manner, as in the fine old master paintings you see in the museums. I look to them for inspiration and guidance in the convention of picture-making and strive to find my own language, my own personal handwriting within this discipline."

The artists most influential in my work are the 19th Century French, Naturalist painters Jules Bastien-Le Page and Emile Friant as well as the English Newlyn school painters, Arthur Hacker and Sir George Clausen. Emile Carlsen and Henri Fantin-Latour are my influences for still life.  My goal is to achieve the highest caliber of workmanship and craft as the masters accomplished in the past. Always striving for that high standard, humbly.

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Heading Home to Roost by Holly Hope Banks 24" x 36"  oil  (Sold)

'Returning Home' by Holly Hope Banks 21"x22" oil on canvas

'Rose Trees in the Country' 21" x 24" oil on canvas

Summer Landscape 28" x 33" oil

The Sailing Lesson 26" x24"  (Sold)

Kittens at Play 24"x 30" oil on canvas

Shepherdess with goats 41"x19"

'Gathering Leaves' 30"x 24"  oil