cropped-mandevilla-and-roses-websiteHolly's still life work is especially popular with collectors. Her paintings are in important, private collections nationwide and internationally. Commissions Welcome! Please contact the artist for more information.

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Strawberries and Chocolates 11"x14" (Sold)


Artist's Fare 19"x 26" (Received Medal of Honor-Best Traditional Still Life CLWAC 2009)

Stein with Lemons 11"x14" (Sold)

Summer Bouquet 29"x 24" (Sold)

Plums. Pluots and Dutch Tulips 18"x26" (Sold)

Americana and Iceberg Roses 12"x12"

Blackberries and Sweets 11"x 14"  (Sold)

Vegetable Medley with Lemons 24"x 36"

Pansies and Lavender 10"x8" (Sold)

Star of Bethlehem 22"x18"

Pink and White Bouquet

Tulips with Fruit  29"x 27" (currently in the 2016 Midyear Exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art)

Madevilla and Roses 16"x 27"

Peonies and Cherries 12"x12"  (Sold)

Roses and a Double Hollyhock 18"x17" (Sold)

Myriad of Blooms 30"x23" (Sold)

Hydrangea with Fruit 24" x 30" (Sold)

'Stein with Tassels'  oil on canvas